what are nFTabs?

NFTabs are collection of 5,888 tabs that transform your beloved NFTs into tripped out versions.
Tabs are deflationary - once a tab is used, it's transformed forever.
Tabs are stackable - you can use up to 5 tabs to increase the trip effect!


Our art is inspired by that fateful day on April 19, 1943, when Dr. Albert Hofmann took the first dose of LSD and enjoyed the a psychedelic bicycle trip, changing the world forever.

Ever since then, this bicycle trip has been illustrated in countless forms of blotter art, and now for the first time, in our psychedelic tab NFTs.


NFTabs are divided into 4 different art families, each style displaying some of the favorite visual aspects of a psychedelic trip.






In addition to the core collection, we have included 8 mintable Legendary tabs that are all 1/1 designs by individual artists to showcase the amazing talent in the Solana art community.

5 of these were commissioned from top artists, and 3 were chosen through an open tab design contest in collaboration with Exchange Art.

Carrot and Bogie
Tornado Rodriguez
Pineal Clans
Maxwell Adams


To lead us in the journey, we have assembled a special group of Shamans, composed of the greatest thinkers, leaders and builders in the Metaverse.

All Shamans receive a specially-designed 1/1 honorary tab.

Name of Shaman
Name of Shaman
Name of Shaman
Name of Shaman

mechanics and UTiLiTy

defLaTionary AUThenTic DerivaTive

NFTabs combine with the NFTs you already own and love and allow you to mint your own AUTHENTIC trippy GIF derivatives!

In a metaverse full of fake and low-effort imitations, these trippy derivatives are the real deal, and value, and fully owner-initiated.

Your original NFT will never be harmed or affected during the trip either.

When you combine an NFTab with one of your NFTs, the NFTab transforms into that trippy version of your NFT permanently.

This makes the total supply of NFTabs deflationary.
Once they're all used, they are gone forever!






sTacking nfTabs

For an even deeper trip, you can also stack your tabs! True psychonauts can stack
upto 5 tabs at a time, unlocking rarer trip effects, and adding to tab's supply deflation.


x sTacked


x sTacked


x sTacked


x sTacked = nirvana dao

For the ultimate trip, stacking 5 tabs in one trip allows you to enter NirvanaDAO: our exclusive group composed of our Shamans (20 of the best minds in the Solona NFT metaverse, holders of the legendary 1/1 tabs and fellow 5x psychonauts.

A riddle for enlightement if I take the 13,000 Skelly King Monke, and trip it out a 1 sol NFTAB, is the resulting authentic derivative trippy Monke's value


We plan on having full utility for our tabs from Day 1.

This means you'll be able to immediately trip out your NFTs post-mint, and view all tripped out NFTs in a special gallery!

10,000 USD Donation to Psychedelic Research organisations after mint.

Arts and Music Festival
The first metaverse arts and music festival. 24 hours of beautiful music, wellness and spirituality workshops, art showcase
and good vibes.

ETH Collection
A second collection of NFTabs on Ethereum, designed to bring ETH NFTs along the trip and create the most inclusive and collaborative community in the whole metaverse!


Will my original NFT get affected when I take an NFTab?

No. The original will not be altered in any way. The NFTab's metadata will transform into your tripped out NFT.

Can an NFTab be reused?

No. Once an NFTab is taken, it is used and transformed forever, making them deflationary. Trip wisely!

How many NFTabs can I use at a time?

You can use 1 up to 5 tabs in one trip, you degen.

What will using more than 1 tab do?

Using more tabs will unlock rarer levels of trip effects. Using 5 tabs will also grant you access to the exclusive NirvanaDAO, our most elite group of psychonauts and thought leaders in the space.

Are NFTabs just another derivative collection?

No. Tripped out NFTs are minted directly by owners of the NFTs themselves, no one else! The team has no decision on what NFTs will be tripped out. NFTs are also verified by collection to ensure authenticity of its original source. In this sense, NFTabs are the first real derivative and collaborative NFT!

Where will NFTabs and tripped out NFTs secondary markets be?

Unused NFTabs and Tripped-out NFTs will be sold under the same collection in top secondary markets. Full details to be announced.

Will I get to see all the tripped out NFTs?

Yes. We will have a special gallery showing all tripped out NFTs along with their source tabs.

How do I get Whitelist?

We will have opportunities for whitelisting for high value communities and engaged members of the community. We are keeping tabs on those who are active in the community, and make cool stuff. Follow us as well on our twitter and discord for daily giveaways!

How do I check if I am in the Whitelist?

Check our discord for details of our whitelist checker.

Will there be a Mint Token?

Yes. We will be sending out Mint tokens before the mint.

How much of the supply will be for Whitelist sale?

We will try to achieve as close to 100% WL sale to limit botting and increase unique holder count.

How much and when is mint?


How many Tabs can a Mint Token mint?

1 NFTab per Mint Token.

Where will the mint be?

Mint will be on our website.

What is the supply?

5,888 deflationary and stackable tabs.

Who’s the team behind NFTabs?

We are a group of NFT, crypto and psychedelic enthusiasts who have built successful web startups, advertising agencies and existing NFT projects. We hate rugs as much as you do, and we promise there will be no bad trips here.

Are there any audits done for the project?

Yes. We have been audited by Rad Rugs.